About Me

I was born and raised in Paramus, New Jersey, a suburban town about 20 miles outside of NYC. I began acting as a teenager, doing theatre, film, TV, print work and commercials.

When I was accepted into the drama program at NYU's School of the Arts, I moved into NYC and never left. I received my BA and MA degrees in Drama and Speech Pathology from NYU’s School of Education. 

While always managing to find time for auditioning and performing, I also had a variety of jobs after graduating. I worked as a Speech Pathologist at a private clinic in New York, taught Speech and English As A Second Language at Bergen Community College in New Jersey, had a very successful career in Residential Real Estate and also worked for several years at a large Public Relations firm. 

I recently returned to acting full-time and I’m very excited with all the new opportunities available.

I love traveling, reading biographies, attending theatre, researching my family tree and playing board games. I regularly go to antique shows and flea markets and I have a big collection of 1950s memorabilia.